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Monday, October 15, 2012

MICHAEL FAIRMAN ON AIR | ON SOAPS: THE BAY Puts Season Three On Hold Citing Bigger Budget, Higher Production Value with Cast Intact On The Horizon!

  For those expecting a season three of The Bay to pop up over the upcoming holiday season, you will have to put that on pause. In an official press release from LANY films and The Bay’s executive producer, Gregori J. Martin today, behind-the-scenes changes are the reason production is being delayed in order to bring a more enhanced quality product and viewing experience for fans of the Daytime Emmy nominated web series. Here is the official press release below!
Read the entire article HERE.

SOAPDOM.COM: Great news for fans of The Bay

THE BAY sets its sites to join scripted Daytime Drama

"It's no secret that I've always had a passion for quality scripted daytime drama," states Gregori
J. Martin, Executive Producer and creator of the Emmy-nominated serial drama THE BAY. "The
importance of scripted daytime drama can't be overly emphasized. This is the genre that
ushered in the new era of television in the 1950's, and is the same genre that is now ushering in
a new era on a new platform - the internet. I am excited to say that as THE BAY advances to a
new level in Season 3, we plan to bring scripted daytime drama back to the forefront."
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THE BAY Season 3 Update: Delayed For Now, Bigger Budget, Cast Returning

   Following the conclusion of THE BAY's summer special, "Darkside of The Bay," fans of the show have been asking when Season 3 will begin. The producers of the new season announced on Monday what is on the horizon.
As LANY Entertainment, in association with LocoDistro and Associated Television International (ATI), makes plans for a bigger and better Season 3 online and/or on television, it is the action taking place behind the camera that will determine when viewers are once again treated to the high-stakes drama Bay City is known for.
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