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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This summer, Web soap opera THE BAY continues to break new ground by taking their show on the road. "I like to describe it as THE BAY meets The Wizard of Oz," explains the series' creator/writer/director, Gregori J. Martin. "It's kind of a prequel to season two, which will begin in late September."

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

CANYON NEWS: Introducing Tristan Roger, An Interview

by Tommy Garrett on Mar 19, 2011

MALIBU—Actor Tristan Rogers may be well known to fans of ABC’s “General Hospital,” however, he’s being introduced because he’s much more than his “GH” character Robert Scorpio. The prolific Australian born actor currently stars as Colin on CBS’s number-one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” and on the web series “The Bay.” I recently caught up with the legendary actor, who was very open about the fact that he’s loving his life and career and is proud to call CBS his new home.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

CANYON NEWS: "The Bay" Creator Gregori Martin

by Tommy Garrett on Mar 12, 2011

HOLLYWOOD—Just on the heels of big news that the drama “The Bay” has been purchased by a distinguished packager of television dramas, I caught up with my friend, actor, producer, director, writer, casting director and “The Bay’s” creator Gregori Martin between flights from L.A. to New York City, where current episodes of the series will be filmed. The handsome, talented and very gracious producer always has time for media and his friends, so I played both cards to get this exclusive chat with him about the future of his hit award-winning series.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL: Soap Alums Anna Holbrook, Agim Kaba and Tonja Walker Sign on For Prequel to Season 2 of The Bay!

By Jamey Giddens on March 11, 2011

Holy, Sharlene Hudson, Batman! A near-all soap star cast has been assembled for Far From The Bay, a prequel to Season 2 of the juicy web sudser that follows Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) troubled youngest son Peter (Kristos Andrews) on a quest to find Claire Andrews (Marie Wilson), the woman who adopted him and raised him for several years while Sara, suffering from amnesia, forgot she had given birth to a future abs machine spokesperson.

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MICHAEL FAIRMAN ON AIR | ON SOAPS: “The Bay” shooting Spin-off Prequel to debut this summer!

Starting this Monday, March 14th LANY films helmed by creator Gregori J. Martin, will take The Bay on location and will be shooting a prequel to Season 2 for three days straight in New York City.

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DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL EXCLUSIVE: DAYS' Eric Martsolf and The Bay's Jade Harlow Dish ACME's Celebrity Improv Mashup, and Dish Soapy Storylines!

By Jamey Giddens on March 11, 2011

A Passions reunion of sorts will take place at ACME Comedy Theatre tonight in Los Angeles. Days of Our Lives star Eric Martsolf, who played Ethan on the campy serial, will be appearing in ACME's Celebrity Improv Mashup with The Bay's Jade Harlow, who once played Ethan's half sister Jessica. I caught up with the pair separately to dish their upcoming comedic adventures and their respective sudsers.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gregori J. Martin of THE BAY The Series announces the launch of an Official Fanclub and an Online Store

Gregori J. Martin, creator of THE BAY The Series, has announced via Facebook the launch of THE BAY’s Official Fanclub. The Official Fanclub of THE BAY will be comprised of a diverse community of fans who have come together to share their admiration for the show. An annual fee will offer members exclusive information about the show, access to the cast, advance notice of events and happenings, and a welcome packet containing autographed items and exclusive correspondence. Details of fanclub membership can be found HERE.

Also announced was the opening of an official online THE BAY store. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of THE BAY merchandise and apparel. THE BAY’s online store can be found HERE.

Monday, March 7, 2011

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL EXCLUSIVE: Santa Barbara's Jed Allan to Play Lane Davies' Dad Again on The Bay!

By Jamey Giddens on March 07, 2011

The Bay's Gregori J. Martin has done it again. The indie showrunner just cast C.C. Capwell himself, Jed Allan as Harold Johnson, patriarch of the Johnson clan on his smash hit web series The Bay! Harold is the father of Mackenzie Johnson, played by Lane Davies, who portrayed incorrigible, drunken, Shakespeare-quoting, barrister Mason Capwell—son of Allan's C.C.—on my beloved Santa Barbara. Allan will begin airing in Season 2 this September.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

CANYON NEWS: Rising Star, Kristos Andrews, An Interview

by Tommy Garrett on Mar 6, 2011

HOLLYWOOD—A young star ascends in Tinseltown. Handsome actor Kristos Andrews was born and raised in Los Angeles. However, that’s not why he has become one of the industry’s brightest stars. His unending skills as an actor are honed on the Web series “The Bay,” and he’s already captured the attention of many Hollywood producers and casting directors. This week I caught up with the handsome youthful leading man, who is about to take Hollywood by storm. After making himself known worldwide for something other than acting, he’s now placed his bets on the fact that he’s going to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Not only is acting in his already distinguished resume, but producing and directing are also on his list of accomplishments. The generation X superstar is on the rise.

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