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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SOAP OPERA NETWORK: David Pregerson, Second Unit Director of Photography for ‘The Bay,’ Succumbs To Injuries Following Hit-and-Run; Series Honors Memory With Director’s Cut

Facebook  Listed as a second unit director of photography during the third season of “The Bay: The Series,” David Pregerson, 23, a recent graduate of UCLA, has died after succumbing to injuries sustained by a hit-and-run that occurred on the morning of Friday, December 27 in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.

In honor of his memory, producers of “The Bay” have released a Director’s Cut of Chapter 11: Part 1.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

MICHAEL FAIRMAN ON AIR | ON SOAPS: THE BAY Continues With All-New Episode!

  On all-new episode of Chapter 11 Part 3 of Gregori J Martin’s The Bay released this week, the story heats up in the bedroom and all over Bay City!


WE LOVE SOAPS: Janice and Peter Heat Up The Latest Webisode of THE BAY

  On this week's episode of THE BAY, Bay City vixen Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) and the handsome young Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) deal with the aftermath of their sexual rendezvous. How will Pete's mother, Sara (Mary Beth Evans), feel about this?
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Friday, December 13, 2013

TV GUIDE: Exclusive Preview: TVGN's Who Shot the Daytime Soap?

What went wrong? Daytime soaps are currently enjoying one hell of a ratings renaissance but it wasn't that long ago that they were considered dead as disco. How did such once-mighty shows as Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children and One Life to Live get the ax in quick succession? Were there people at the networks who secretly wanted them gone? If so, why? And how come our beloved soaps are suddenly so damn hot again? Will it last?

You will see the full arc of the soaps — the rise, the fall, and now the rise again, not only with the four current network shows but all the great web serials that are being produced by people like Crystal Chappell and Gregori Martin and Sonia Blangiardo.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

SOAPDOM.COM: The Bay the Series is back. Watch Chapter 11, Part 3 now!

The excitement continues as Chapter 11 Part 3 of the Emmy-nominated THE BAY The Series streams today!

Part 3 of Chapter 11 of The Bay The Series streams today, Thursday, Dec.12th at 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT snd there is plenty on tap to intrigue and entertain us.

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PR PHOTOS: "The Bay" TV Series Pilot Industry Screening and Afterparty

"The Bay" TV Series Pilot Industry Screening and Afterparty at Supperclub in Los Angeles on December 4, 2013.
To view exclusive photos of THE BAY cast and their guests attending "The Bay" TV Series Pilot Industry Screening and Afterparty at Supperclub in Los Angeles on December 4, 2013, visit PR Photos HERE

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


  The Emmy-nominated Web series THE BAY is back in action, and promises to be "edgy, sexier and more scandalous than ever before"! Chapter 11 has just debuted with two installments so far featuring the show's new multi-camera look.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WIREIMAGE: "The Bay" TV Pilot Industry Screening

WireImage   "The Bay" TV Pilot Industry Screening  Dec 04 2013  - Los Angeles, California United States

Exclusive photos of THE BAY cast and their guests attending the private industry screening of Chapter 11 of THE BAY, held at the supperclub los angeles on Dec. 4th can be viewed HERE.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

MICHAEL FAIRMAN: Click Boom! The Lilly Melgar Interview: Could Lily Rivera Be Alive On GH? And The Bay’s Janice Hops In Bed With Young Peter!

  On-Air On-Soaps attended the screening of the new season of The Bay this past week and got a first glimpse of the four installments!  So far, fans this past week were able to see the first two episodes released online.  Lilly Melgar is back on The Bay as troubled Janice Ramos, the bitter enemy of Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans)!  And in the first few installments, Janice has slept with the much younger Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews), which left many in the attendance at the screening with their jaws dropped!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

SOAP OPERA NETWORK: WATCH: Part 1 and 2 of ‘The Bay: The Series’ Chapter 11

LANYfilms Productions  With nearly 24 minutes in total airtime between them, LANYentertainment released the first two installments of “The Bay: The Series” chapter 11 on the official “Bay” website yesterday. Fans of the series will not only get caught up in the happenings in Bay City, but they’ll also get their fill of drama, sex, drugs, romance, deception, murder, and much more.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

MICHAEL FAIRMAN ON AIR | ON SOAPS: THE BAY Returns with All-New Edgier Dramatic Episodes!

  To say that the retooled The Bay is different from its previous seasons is an understatement! Taking its cue from the progression of online soaps such as the revival of One Life to Live, where sex and drugs and a club are part of the central focus for much of the action.  As promised by creator, Gregori Martin, The Bay is certainly for more edgier than before.   And while we won’t spoil all the action, fasten your seat belts!

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WE LOVE SOAPS: THE BAY Returns Edgy, Sexier and More Scandalous Than Ever

  Gregori J. Martin's Emmy-nominated and Indie Series Award-winning THE BAY returned today with two brand new installments that move the series three years into the future. Sara has done the unthinkable making Lex determined to uncover the truth. Peter's love life takes a complicated turn, as does a confused Lianna. Steve has little choice but to deal with pesky reporter Nathan, while Mayor Jack is left to do some serious explaining. Igor attempts to deal with Sofia's wrath and his shady reputation.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SOAP OPERA NETWORK: ‘The Bay’ Returns For 11th Chapter; Stars Reveal Thoughts on ‘Edgier’ Season

John Paschal/JPI Studios    The Emmy-nominated online soap opera “The Bay” is back for its 11th chapter, and the sudser’s return is expected to be edgier, bigger and better than ever!

All of the fun begins Thursday, December 5, when two brand new installments of the series will stream back to back at 3:15PM ET / 12:15PM PT. Afterward, fans can look forward to new episodes on Thursday, December 12 and Thursday, December 19. And, as a special holiday gift for loyal viewers, a one hour uninterrupted TV pilot will stream on Thursday, December 26!

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THE BAY The Series: Mary Beth Evans dishes on the drama, scandals, and major life changes set to unfold in Bay City

Sara Garrett’s life wasn’t looking too bright in the last few episodes of THE BAY. Just as her world seemed to spin out of control with the supposed death of her beloved, she was delivered a glimmer of hope. This mysterious letter didn’t lead her to Lee, but instead to a trap set by the man who had brutally raped her years prior. Now, with just one day remaining before THE BAY returns with an all new 11th hour, viewers will finally get to see what has become of Bay City’s matriarch. We caught up with fan favorite Mary Beth Evans to see what light she can shed on Sara’s seemingly dark situation.
“I really can’t say what’s become of Sara, but I can say that fans won’t be disappointed,” states Evans, hinting at the drama about to unfold. “She’s experienced some major life changes since we last saw her – one in particular…”
Excited to return to the role of the Bay City socialite, Evans discussed why she finds Sara Garrett so intriguing. “I like playing the matriarch of this family and having so many different types of relationships. With my kids, with my family, with the people of Bay City, and especially with the MEN,” she teased.

Playing the inimitable character of Sara Garrett is something Evans relishes. “Sara loves her kids, and I believe she means to be a good mother, but she usually puts herself and her wants ahead of them. She doesn’t always make the best decisions and she’s certainly made her share of mistakes, but I do believe she means well.”
While Evans is delighted to return to THE BAY, she’s remained busy during the show’s hiatus. “I’m always busy and am not much for idle time. If I don’t have something to do, I find something to do,” reveals the daytime legend. “I’ve been working on Days off and on this fall and I’m about to shoot my fourth installment of Chasing Life,” she says of the upcoming series set to air on ABC Family next year.
Known for having many irons in the fire, Evans remains busy outside of her acting career. “I’ve been really active volunteering with CASA of Los Angeles, which aims to improve the lives of foster children.” She notes that her own children keep her hustling as well. “Having semi-grown children requires lots of counseling time,” she adds.
Evans, who’s been with THE BAY since it was first announced in 2010 and is also one of its producers, is proud to see how much the show has grown and evolved. “This next chapter has really stepped up a notch,” raves Evans, adding that fans will definitely see the difference. “The cameras, the crew, the editing…everything has been enhanced and I think the final result will be something fans will love.”
Even with all the exciting production changes, Evans says it’s the communal spirit of the show that keeps her and so many of the cast and crew coming back. “Gregori keeps making things bigger and better, but at this point it’s about the great people he’s brought onboard,” she says of the cast and crew. “I’ve made so many friends. THE BAY is like family.”
To find out if Sara’s life is still spinning out of control, tune into THE BAY tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 5th. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Is the Mayor hot water? Nicolas Coster reveals what’s to come for the Bay City leader

As the Mayor of Bay City and husband to the lovely Sofia, Jack Madison seems to have it all together -- except when it comes to Sara Garrett. In the last episode of the Emmy-nominated web series, viewers were left to grapple with the questions of who she is to the Mayor, and why he is so obsessed with her. Will those questions be answered when the new 11th hour of the show streams on Thursday, Dec. 5th? We turned to legendary actor Nicolas Coster in hopes of finding the answer.
In similar fashion to his co-stars on THE BAY, Coster remained tight-lipped when it came to revealing any spoilers, but he did encourage fans to tune in and find out for themselves. “There have been some exciting changes for Jack,” reveals Coster, who is also one of the show’s producers. “It seems he’s getting into some serious trouble these days.”

  In past episodes, viewers can recall the many exterior and interior boat locations, including the cliff-hanger when, with Jack Madison hot on their heels, Sara is left in the clutches of her rapist Steve Jensen. The boat and marina scenes, including the more recent and light-hearted “Harlem Shake” promo, were shot on location in and around one of Coster’s boats. “When it comes to finding locations for our shoots, everyone pitches in and helps out,” said show creator and executive producer Gregori J. Martin. “As one of our producers, Nicolas has been especially helpful in this area – providing us with use of one of his impressive yachts on several occasions.”
Yachts are what have been keeping Coster busy. “I have been rebuilding a classic, 60-foot Emerald Star,” says the avid sailor. In addition, Coster reveals he has been working on two screenplays, and is an active member of the Actors Studio. He also continues to work diligently with his beloved Challenges Foundation, an organization he founded where he and dedicated volunteers teach those who are physically challenged to scuba dive and sail.

Coster, who has appeared on no less than nine daytime serial dramas, continues to entertain both his devout and newfound fans with his multi-layered performances on THE BAY. When asked if he’s excited for the show’s increased production values, as well as what’s in store for Bay City’s esteemed mayor, Coster only had one thing to say. “Yeah!”
To see what kind of trouble the Mayor find’s himself in, tune into THE BAY streaming Thursday, Dec. 5th at 3:15pm ET / 12:15p. PT. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Monday, December 2, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Bay City’s Sweetheart Taylor Stanley reveals what’s special about THE BAY

Zoey Johnson had the wedding of her dreams in the last season of THE BAY.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t there to enjoy the “festivities.” Now that Brian has left town and her would-be nuptials are clearly not meant to be, what will Chapter 11 bring for Bay City’s sweetheart and ace reporter? We caught up with Taylor Stanley hoping to find out.

“This new chapter is really a far cry from the Zoey we’ve known in the past. Her personal life is still in flux, as it should be after all she’s been through,” reveals Stanley. Excited to show fans a “strong side” of her character, Stanley said this time around she found Zoey lighter and more playful, “which is exactly how I love her.”

Stanley, whose mother passed away earlier this year, has recently taken some time away from acting. “There are no words to express how difficult it is to lose someone like that. I felt I needed to take some time to process everything,” shared Stanley. While the experience was painful, Stanley said that in a strange way, the timing of the break was perfect. “I went to PTA, took care of my babies and breathed.”

Now ready to return to acting and THE BAY, Stanley was especially excited to get back to the people who work on the show. “It may sound cliché, but honestly, the opportunity to work with such a lovely and talented group of people is my favorite part of being on the show,” she said. Referencing the dedication of all of those involved, Stanley added “You don’t find that very often in Hollywood. Acting can be a bit lonely…going from project to project. But, with THE BAY, it’s as if we’re an old theatre company or something – a family. So many different people all believing in the same thing…it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

As for the changes fans can expect to see in THE BAY’s new eleventh hour, Stanley has no doubt they’ll be impressed. “There seemed to be a determination among everyone to make this be the best show out there. We had more believers this time around on the production end. It was fantastic,” she shared.
To see a lighter, more playful Zoey, as well as see what life has in store for Bay City’s sweetheart, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

THE BAY The Series: Upgraded to business class: Scott Bailey talks about how THE BAY is taking flight

He’s been a busy actor, but returning to THE BAY as the pesky Nathan Perkins is something Scott Bailey is calling a highlight of his year. “I’ve been pretty lucky to be busy acting, but it was a pleasure coming back to THE BAY and I can’t wait to see it,” Bailey shared.
What can we expect of Bay City’s reporter in chapter 11? “Nathan has just become more Nathan,” teases the actor, who adds that if you thought Nathan was a pest before, he’s even more so now. “He’s further established himself in his career as a reporter and his confidence has risen. As often happens with success, this has just made him more brazen,” Bailey reveals.
Still unabashedly pushing for a story, Nathan is also pushing a few people’s buttons along the way, which makes Bailey wonder, “Will he push his luck a little too far one of these days?” Fans will have to tune in on Dec. 5 to find out if one of those days in now, but in the meantime, we asked Bailey why he enjoys the character so much. “One word – fearless! He’s driven and not afraid to do what it takes to get what he wants. He just goes for it,” said Bailey.
Speaking of going for it, Bailey said that’s just what the show is doing in this new chapter. “This chapter was definitely a step up. The locations were bigger, the crews were larger and set-ups were longer. It’s like getting upgraded from coach to business class on a flight,” he laughed. But for Bailey, the best part of the show is still the same. “It’s the amazing people who come together to share their talents to put this thing together. I’m honored to be a part of it,” he continued.

Bailey, who recently won his first award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for the supporting role he played in “Bankroll,” has also been busy starring in the desert survival film “Inner Fear,” working on the TV show “Major Crimes,” and starting on a new movie project entitled “Welcome, Sinners.” Even with all of that work, Bailey can’t wait for THE BAY. “I love Nathan … he’s such a fun character to bring to fruition,” said Bailey. But in the end, “it’s the people involved” who keep him coming back. “Everyone involved is just great and so talented. It really is a blast!”
To find out whose buttons Nathan is going to push this time around, tune in to the bay on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of the bay can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY’s official website.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

THE BAY The Series: A softer side of Igor Chambers? Camden Toy gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect when THE BAY returns

Let’s see…he held Zoey and Brian’s engagement party guests hostage by threatening them with a hoaxed bomb, he’s accused of blowing up the Garrett Tavern, delivered explicit photos of Brian with the police captain’s daughter, and if that wasn’t enough, he ruined Brian and Zoey’s wedding by posing as the blushing bride. What more could Igor Chambers have up his skeevy little sleeve in the eleventh hour of THE BAY?

“Well, the fans will have to tune in to see,” teases Camden Toy, who plays the unforgettable Igor on the Emmy-nominated series. “Let’s just say that Igor’s rough edges have softened a bit since we last saw him, but certainly not his sense of entitlement.”

Toy, who’s delighted to return to THE BAY, is excited about more than just the enhanced production quality of the show. “Igor is probably the biggest scenery chewing villain I’ve played, and let me tell you, he is delicious to play,” Toy shares with a devilish grin.

No novice at playing a villain, Toy has also been keeping busy on other acting fronts. “I just finished shooting a romantic comedy/super hero movie called ‘Now Hiring,’ in which I play the super villain, Lord Menace.” Still, Toy is particularly fond of his role on THE BAY. “I love all the people involved – there is a wonderful sense of family with THE BAY cast and crew,” said Toy.

Toy, a fan of show creator, writer and director Gregori J. Martin, is also excited for viewers to see how the show has progressed with the new chapter. “I’ve always loved Gregori’s writing and directing, but this time we shot with multiples cameras and were able to capture so much more footage in a short period of time.” Noting that the character of Igor was not originally planned for long term, Toy is thrilled that, by popular demand from the viewers, Martin continues to develop Igor beyond his original plan. What turn the character takes remains to be seen.

To see if Igor has indeed softened or if he has more chaos planned for Bay City’s residents, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

THE BAY The Series: A Woman of Substance: Sofia’s Southern charm turns tough as nails

With her Southern charm and sassy lilt, Jacklyn Zeman’s portrayal of Sofia Madison has captured the heart of not only the Bay City’s mayor, but the show’s legion of fans. Along the way, she’s continually voiced the question that’s been on everyone’s mind. “Why is Jack so obsessed with Sara Garrett?” Hopefully that question will be answered when the eleventh hour of THE BAY streams Thursday, Dec. 5 at 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT.
“Sofia may turn on her southern charm to keep her husband and her marriage happy, but she is no fool. She is a strong, smart woman who will fight for her man and will fight to keep her man,” reveals Zeman. Viewers, who got a hint of Sofia in previous episodes of THE BAY, can expect to see more from her in next week’s chapter 11. “It was exciting to receive a pilot script with more scenes and more story,” said Zeman. Calling Sofia a woman of substance, Zeman shared her desire to show more of those qualities as the story progresses.
Zeman, who loves her character’s energy and positive approach to getting what she wants, expressed gratitude to show’s creator, Gregori J. Martin, for creating such a fun and interesting character. “I just adore playing Sofia. It's interesting to portray a woman who is enamored with the life she has as the Mayor's wife and all the benefits that entails,” Zeman said. An independent and complex character who can be soft and feminine, Sofia’s ‘tough as nails’ attitude also appeals to Zeman. “She will do whatever it takes to succeed and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, but she’s also such a girly glamour puss,” laughs Zeman in reference to her character’s fun fashion sense.

In addition to the fun she has portraying Sofia, Zeman also expressed love for “THE BAY family” and admiration for the show’s creator, Gregori J. Martin. “He has a very creative mind and can visualize story and character development for the future, but sometimes the actors aren't privy to what the future holds. The opportunity to get in the groove and go with the flow is very satisfying and ultimately, I think it adds dimension to the complexity and growth of character,” shared Zeman.
Outside of working on THE BAY, Zeman has been a busy woman. “I’ve been working, traveling, raising funds for Leukemia research and I did shoot some shows for General Hosptial,” reveals Zeman. A dedicated mom just like the character she portrays, Zeman has also been spending time with her two daughters, Cassidy and Lacey Rose.
To see more of Sofia’s Southern charm and to find out what she and the mayor have in store, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Friday, November 29, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Derrell Whitt talks of love and admiration for his character, his cast mates and THE BAY

THE BAY’s Will Campbell has been busy, as has his portrayer Derrell Whitt. We caught up with Bay City’s unsung hero to find out what to expect from Officer Will Campbell in the upcoming Chapter 11 of THE BAY— streaming Thursday, Dec. 5 at 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT— and to find out what the actor and producer has been up to since we saw him last.
“My position with LANY Entertainment keeps me pretty busy!” states Whitt. “On the acting front, I’ve co-stared in a feature film entitled ‘A Place Called Hollywood,’ which will be released in early 2014.” Whitt also dished on his additional endeavors outside of acting. “I dabbled in some behind the scenes work and helped produce two additional feature films earlier this year. At this particular time, the rest of the LANY team and myself are gearing up to produce an epic TV project which I think a lot of people will love!”
When asked how Will has changed since we last saw him, Whitt answered with obvious pride. “Will's wish to have a profession based in criminal justice has come true.” Now that we know Will has pursued his dream, Whitt hinted at what fans can expect to see in the new chapter. “Nothing about the foundation of Will's character has changed. He’s definitely more mature, but overall he’s still a straight shooter and an all around great guy.”
Still boasting with pride, Whitt was quick to express his love for the show and its talented cast. “I LOVE our cast. The actors I get to work with are just phenomenal. They have SOOO much talent, and most of them are T.V. LEGENDS. As a young actor, I couldn‘t ask for more.” Whitt also stated his love for his character. “I love being the anchor of sanity in Bay City in the midst of all the madness!”
Now bigger and better than ever, Whitt emphasized how the upcoming Chapter 11 differs from past episodes. “We did a multi-camera shoot this time around, which allowed us to get more coverage in a shorter amount of time. Gregori also bought on a few new key players behind the scenes. Their talent combined with his has taken the show to a new level.”
It’s easy to see there’s more than one reason the show holds a special place in Whitt‘s heart. “THE BAY has exceptional talent, writing, production value, and most importantly, FANS!!!!” states Whitt. “THE BAY is our baby, and it has grown into such a family that I can’t imagine it not being there. I think our combination of cast and crew is extremely rare, and there is no version of me ANYWHERE that would ever stop wanting to be immersed in the love and talent that surrounds me on THE BAY.”
To see how Will handles his new and demanding career, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THE BAY The Series: No Shrinking Violet - Darkside of THE BAY’s Orchid adds color to chapter 11

Fans of Darkside of THE BAY remember Terri Ivens’ appearance as the shady lady of the evening known only as Orchid. Now, as chapter 11 of THE BAY takes on a darker, edgier twist, viewers can look forward to seeing much more of the former All My Children star.
“I love bringing her to the screen," Ivens stated as she expressed her excitement in returning to THE BAY as Orchid. "She's self involved, self-driven, street smart, and walks her talk. She’s a loaded pistol and that’s explosive fun to portray.”

Ivens, who describes her character a complex woman who will do what she must to survive and thrive, is delighted to have the opportunity to again work with THE BAY’s Creator and Executive Producer Gregori J. Martin. “I’ve grown up on camera and I’ve been fortunate to have had impeccable working environments. THE BAY is no exception. I believe in Gregori and his creation of Orchid.“
Touting the show’s elevated production values, Ivens credits the addition of some long-time friends to THE BAY’s mix. “Joining forces with producers Nadine Aronson and Anthony Pascarelli is an actor’s dream. They are the best in the business and my long-time friends from ABC’s All My Children.”

   Ivens, who has just finished filming the new scripted dramedy TV pilot “Tainted Dreams,” as well as launching her own on-camera national radio show, “Going to Bed with Terri Ivens,” expressed gratitude for the fans who have continued to support her career. “As we reflect on our gratitude, I am humbled by those of you who support my career, my hopes and make my life a joy. Through our playful banter on Facebook and Twitter, we have become friends and I am honored by that privilege.” She also encouraged viewers to give back and help end the cycle of poverty “one family at a time” by donating to foodforthepoor.org. “When we give, we receive…it’s a natural law,” continued Ivens.
To find out more about Orchid and what she’s doing to survive, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Making Things Happen - An interview with Bay City’s unflappable bad guy

What’s become of Steve Jensen – Bay City’s resident bad guy who we last saw kidnapping his beloved Sara – in the time between chapters 10 and 11? Where did Steve take her? Inquiring minds want to know. We spoke with the show’s multi-talented Matthew Ashford hoping to find out.

“It’s been a while since the last time we did this, and sometimes you look away and then turn back and wow…things have changed,” said Ashford about the upcoming chapter 11. As for what the fans might expect to see from his character, Ashford is pleased to say Steve has made some progress. “He’s moved from being this total outsider, to being an upstanding citizen,” he says with a hint of mischief. “He’s contributing to the community and providing services. I guess you could say he’s found his niche.” Don’t let these words fool you, Bay Watchers. Jensen is still the bad boy we all love to hate.

No stranger to playing dark characters, Ashford has found delight in portraying a more classic villain. “I enjoy the fact that he’s able to make things happen. He does what he wants to do – he’s sort of unflappable.” So what has this debonair scoundrel done to Sara? Unfortunately, Ashford wasn't spilling the beans, leaving fans no choice but to tune in to find out. 

A long-time supporter and champion of the web series format, Ashford is excited about the role THE BAY is playing in the ever-changing landscape. “This industry keeps growing and changing, and it’s good to be in on something that is a part of that,” shared Ashford.

Elaborating on the show’s growth, Ashford discussed how the show’s new four-camera format made for a more fun and exciting shoot. “This chapter was really fun and different. They had these tiny handheld cameras and one of them was inside the shoot with us, capturing some great moments.” 

As for Ashford’s work outside of THE BAY, he’s been busy “auditioning and working on a number of different projects,” reveals Ashford. “I’m not sure how much we’re ready to say, but I’ve been working on some other projects with Gregori and that’s been exciting.”

To see what havoc Steve Jensen is causing in Bay City now, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV at or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Monday, November 25, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Living and breathing THE BAY - Kristos Andrews talks of growth, loyalty and pride

When we last saw Peter, the once amnesiac son of Bay City matriarch Sara Garrett, he was wandering around the pier in search of the muffled scream that, unbeknownst to him, belonged to his mother. Counting down the days until THE BAY returns with the much anticipated chapter 11, we sat down with Peter Garrett’s portrayer, Kristos Andrews, to find out what’s happened since we last tuned in.
“Thank God I can finally say Pete’s got most of his memory together, which allows more clarity for his thoughts,” Andrews shares. The XGames champion skateboarder turned actor explained the difficulty in playing a character suffering from amnesia. “Playing hopelessly confused doesn't always work out. If there are too many feelings to convey at once, they can get lost in translation.”
Peter may have made some progress in this new chapter, but it won’t exactly be smooth sailing, hints Andrews. “Pete isn't fully grounded, but he is more mature and independent. Still, he manages to get himself into some scandalous situations.”

Unlike the character he plays, Andrews has avoided scandal and instead focuses on his budding career as an actor and producer. In addition to his lead role in the upcoming feature "A Place Called Hollywood," Andrews is also attached to other projects in development. “We’re in pre-production on a major project with Associated Television International (ATI),” reveals Andrews about his work as a producer with LANY Entertainment.
With multiple acting roles now under his belt, Andrews says the role of Peter Garrett, which he originated nearly four years ago, still holds a special place in his heart. “Pete’s upbringing has been without proper jurisdiction or guidance and he now leads a life with essentially no rules. He’s his own master and best friend, but when it’s all said and done, he still has a good heart,” states Andrews.
In addition to playing a more grown-up “Pete“ in this new chapter, Andrews had the opportunity to take a jab at some directing. “I wasn’t the director of course, that’s Gregori’s job. I did have the chance to be his right-hand man as second unit director, which is something I really enjoyed.”

Andrews detailed how the multi-camera setup, rather than the single camera format used previously, increased not only the time efficiency of the production, but also the performance of the actors. “That type of shoot keeps all the actors on their toes and makes the performances more concise,” explained Andrews.
Asked about his future with THE BAY, Andrews shared his pride for the show’s accomplishments. “We’ve all poured our blood, sweat and sometimes tears into this project, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much, under Gregori’s leadership, we‘ve achieved,” he said in referencing the publicity and awards the show has garnered, namely the 2012 Daytime Emmy nomination.

Andrews thanks the fans for the show’s popularity, as well as honoring it with the coveted Fans Choice Award for two years running. “I’m extremely grateful for the show’s awesome, loyal fans,” he said. “It’s a big deal for one created on the web with a shoestring budget to have the sort of impact we’ve had.”
Andrews went on to share his dedication to the show’s continued success. “THE BAY is a living, breathing organism for me. I’ve been here since day one. I’ve personally grown with the show and will be in full support for as long as it exists.”
To see what scandalous situations Peter Garrett finds himself in, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Love, loss and what remains to be seen - An interview with THE BAY's “scentual” Lilly Melgar

Stepping down from her “Soap Box,” – a new radio show she started with THE BAY’s Martha Madison (Marly Garrett-Nelson) – Lilly Melgar, portrayer of Bay City vixen 'Janice Ramos', checked in to give an update on life both onscreen and off. 
“I’ve been really focused on my new bath and body line, Scentual by Lilly, which launched earlier this year,” explained Melgar. The all-natural line, which also includes a candle collection, was recently a featured item in the Primetime Emmy Nominee Gift Bags, as well as a part of the Country Music Awards and the American Music Awards.
In addition to her entrepreneurial role, Melgar has been busy with her onscreen roles as well. “I just shot the role of 'Marta' in the bi-lingual feature film 'Tongue Tied', and of course this newest (scandalous) chapter of THE BAY,” she added. Melgar went on to share some of the things that makes Janice Ramos special and clearly different from her General Hospital alias ‘Lily Rivera-Corinthos.’  Melgar states, “Janice is passionate, unpredictable and flawed, but she has a huge heart. And she’s a fighter – I love that!”

When asked about the upcoming chapter, Melgar gave a knowing smile. “You know I can’t share too much,” she teases. “What I will say is that Janice has been in love with Lee for most of her life and now with Lee gone, she's at a complete loss.”
Calling chapter 11 the edgiest, sexist chapter yet, Melgar goes on to explain. “Janice is in a lot pain and may want to escape or need to go deep within to identify herself in a life without her true love, Lee. This all remains to be seen.”  Could Melgar be implying she’s searching for a new love?
Melgar, who expressed gratitude for the support of fans of the show, also explained why THE BAY is different from other shows she’s worked on. “Gregori gives us a little freedom to improv, and therefore we are able to 'live' the scene."
To see if Janice Ramos can once again find love, tune in to the eleventh hour of THE BAY on Dec. 5.  Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Jade Harlow dishes about a sexier, edgier Bay City

THE BAY’s Jade Harlow, who portrays the young and troubled Lianna Ramos, recently took a break from her hectic schedule to give us the scoop on THE BAY's upcoming chapter slated to stream live on Thursday, Dec. 5. 
“I’m going to be hunched over my computer through Thanksgiving,” says Harlow with sly chuckle as she talks about the many irons she has in the fire. Currently producing her first feature film, as well as working on a top-secret project that will be announced in January, Harlow is excited about the return of THE BAY.
“We have really hit our stride with this next chapter,” shares Harlow. “We took what worked from Seasons 1 and 2 and infused that with some of the sexy, dark edge that made 'Darkside of THE BAY' so popular.”

Harlow also explained how the show’s increased production values will be evident for fans. “This time we shot with multiple cameras and we wore mics, so we captured some of the subtleties that might have been missed in the past.”
When asked about what to expect from her character in the upcoming chapter, a tight-lipped Harlow reveals, “I can’t give anything away, but quite a bit of time has passed from where we left off. Lianna is older now and she’s succumbed to the reality that she can’t rely on the people she expected to be there for her, so she has become much more independent.

An original cast member of the show, Harlow confesses that out of all the multi-layered female characters in Bay City, she’s thrilled she gets to play Lianna. “She’s not typically the initiator of a situation, so she has a wider variety of interactions with the other characters and isn’t defined by one storyline. She's kind of carried along by the wind and happens to always be caught in a storm,” adds Harlow.
Aside from getting to play Lianna, working with THE BAY team is what Harlow enjoys best. “I LOVE the people I work with! From the creator and production team, to the entire cast and crew – I genuinely love being a part of this group of talented hard working people.” Working with creator and executive producer Gregori J. Martin also has its perks, she says. “Gregori recognizes things within the actors that most people overlook, and then takes the story he’s developed and crafts it in a way that highlights our various abilities.”
To see if Lianna Ramos can steer clear of trouble, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5.  Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

Friday, November 22, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Tristan Rogers talks about changes, focus and love in Bay City

In gearing up for the new Chapter 11 of THE BAY, streaming live on Thursday, Dec. 5, we caught up with the multi-talented Tristan Rogers, who portrays Bay City's police commissioner Lex Martin, to see if we can get the scoop on what to expect when THE BAY returns.
“Things are different this time around,” says Rogers, who thinks the direction of the show is more focused than in previous chapters. “Before, the show was going in multiple directions, which was difficult to follow at times. Now, we’ve got a trimmed down cast and the show is more centered.” Rogers adds that this new chapter focuses largely on one storyline with various sub-sections.
When asked what fans can expect from Lex in the upcoming chapter, Rogers stated that his role is much the same as it has been in the past, at least for now. “Lex hasn’t changed much – he's involved with some family stuff, but he’s mostly concentrating on the police department and police matters.”

Rogers, who will soon wrap up his work on General Hospital before transitioning back to The Young and the Restless, shared his admiration of web-based shows. “I’ve been a supporter of this format for a long time. It’s such a great tool for people to use to see if an idea will take shape.” According to Rogers, THE BAY is a perfect example of that. “THE BAY was an idea that has grown and evolved and is shaping up well because of the stage that the web provides.”

And what about that potential Lex Martin/Sara Garrett pairing that has piqued the interest of so many fans? “We have always had the potential for a romance between Lex and Sara – it’s been there since the first episode. They’re definitely connected, but I don’t see it happening just yet,” said Rogers.
To see what Lex Martin has been up to, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5.  Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.