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Saturday, November 23, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Jade Harlow dishes about a sexier, edgier Bay City

THE BAY’s Jade Harlow, who portrays the young and troubled Lianna Ramos, recently took a break from her hectic schedule to give us the scoop on THE BAY's upcoming chapter slated to stream live on Thursday, Dec. 5. 
“I’m going to be hunched over my computer through Thanksgiving,” says Harlow with sly chuckle as she talks about the many irons she has in the fire. Currently producing her first feature film, as well as working on a top-secret project that will be announced in January, Harlow is excited about the return of THE BAY.
“We have really hit our stride with this next chapter,” shares Harlow. “We took what worked from Seasons 1 and 2 and infused that with some of the sexy, dark edge that made 'Darkside of THE BAY' so popular.”

Harlow also explained how the show’s increased production values will be evident for fans. “This time we shot with multiple cameras and we wore mics, so we captured some of the subtleties that might have been missed in the past.”
When asked about what to expect from her character in the upcoming chapter, a tight-lipped Harlow reveals, “I can’t give anything away, but quite a bit of time has passed from where we left off. Lianna is older now and she’s succumbed to the reality that she can’t rely on the people she expected to be there for her, so she has become much more independent.

An original cast member of the show, Harlow confesses that out of all the multi-layered female characters in Bay City, she’s thrilled she gets to play Lianna. “She’s not typically the initiator of a situation, so she has a wider variety of interactions with the other characters and isn’t defined by one storyline. She's kind of carried along by the wind and happens to always be caught in a storm,” adds Harlow.
Aside from getting to play Lianna, working with THE BAY team is what Harlow enjoys best. “I LOVE the people I work with! From the creator and production team, to the entire cast and crew – I genuinely love being a part of this group of talented hard working people.” Working with creator and executive producer Gregori J. Martin also has its perks, she says. “Gregori recognizes things within the actors that most people overlook, and then takes the story he’s developed and crafts it in a way that highlights our various abilities.”
To see if Lianna Ramos can steer clear of trouble, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5.  Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

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