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Sunday, November 24, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Love, loss and what remains to be seen - An interview with THE BAY's “scentual” Lilly Melgar

Stepping down from her “Soap Box,” – a new radio show she started with THE BAY’s Martha Madison (Marly Garrett-Nelson) – Lilly Melgar, portrayer of Bay City vixen 'Janice Ramos', checked in to give an update on life both onscreen and off. 
“I’ve been really focused on my new bath and body line, Scentual by Lilly, which launched earlier this year,” explained Melgar. The all-natural line, which also includes a candle collection, was recently a featured item in the Primetime Emmy Nominee Gift Bags, as well as a part of the Country Music Awards and the American Music Awards.
In addition to her entrepreneurial role, Melgar has been busy with her onscreen roles as well. “I just shot the role of 'Marta' in the bi-lingual feature film 'Tongue Tied', and of course this newest (scandalous) chapter of THE BAY,” she added. Melgar went on to share some of the things that makes Janice Ramos special and clearly different from her General Hospital alias ‘Lily Rivera-Corinthos.’  Melgar states, “Janice is passionate, unpredictable and flawed, but she has a huge heart. And she’s a fighter – I love that!”

When asked about the upcoming chapter, Melgar gave a knowing smile. “You know I can’t share too much,” she teases. “What I will say is that Janice has been in love with Lee for most of her life and now with Lee gone, she's at a complete loss.”
Calling chapter 11 the edgiest, sexist chapter yet, Melgar goes on to explain. “Janice is in a lot pain and may want to escape or need to go deep within to identify herself in a life without her true love, Lee. This all remains to be seen.”  Could Melgar be implying she’s searching for a new love?
Melgar, who expressed gratitude for the support of fans of the show, also explained why THE BAY is different from other shows she’s worked on. “Gregori gives us a little freedom to improv, and therefore we are able to 'live' the scene."
To see if Janice Ramos can once again find love, tune in to the eleventh hour of THE BAY on Dec. 5.  Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited "The Bay" is finally returning. I love Lilly and so happy to see her return. Hope she does not look for love in all the wrong places. I am ready to ride the wave, that's The Bay Wave.