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Friday, November 29, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Derrell Whitt talks of love and admiration for his character, his cast mates and THE BAY

THE BAY’s Will Campbell has been busy, as has his portrayer Derrell Whitt. We caught up with Bay City’s unsung hero to find out what to expect from Officer Will Campbell in the upcoming Chapter 11 of THE BAY— streaming Thursday, Dec. 5 at 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT— and to find out what the actor and producer has been up to since we saw him last.
“My position with LANY Entertainment keeps me pretty busy!” states Whitt. “On the acting front, I’ve co-stared in a feature film entitled ‘A Place Called Hollywood,’ which will be released in early 2014.” Whitt also dished on his additional endeavors outside of acting. “I dabbled in some behind the scenes work and helped produce two additional feature films earlier this year. At this particular time, the rest of the LANY team and myself are gearing up to produce an epic TV project which I think a lot of people will love!”
When asked how Will has changed since we last saw him, Whitt answered with obvious pride. “Will's wish to have a profession based in criminal justice has come true.” Now that we know Will has pursued his dream, Whitt hinted at what fans can expect to see in the new chapter. “Nothing about the foundation of Will's character has changed. He’s definitely more mature, but overall he’s still a straight shooter and an all around great guy.”
Still boasting with pride, Whitt was quick to express his love for the show and its talented cast. “I LOVE our cast. The actors I get to work with are just phenomenal. They have SOOO much talent, and most of them are T.V. LEGENDS. As a young actor, I couldn‘t ask for more.” Whitt also stated his love for his character. “I love being the anchor of sanity in Bay City in the midst of all the madness!”
Now bigger and better than ever, Whitt emphasized how the upcoming Chapter 11 differs from past episodes. “We did a multi-camera shoot this time around, which allowed us to get more coverage in a shorter amount of time. Gregori also bought on a few new key players behind the scenes. Their talent combined with his has taken the show to a new level.”
It’s easy to see there’s more than one reason the show holds a special place in Whitt‘s heart. “THE BAY has exceptional talent, writing, production value, and most importantly, FANS!!!!” states Whitt. “THE BAY is our baby, and it has grown into such a family that I can’t imagine it not being there. I think our combination of cast and crew is extremely rare, and there is no version of me ANYWHERE that would ever stop wanting to be immersed in the love and talent that surrounds me on THE BAY.”
To see how Will handles his new and demanding career, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.


  1. Lovely interview with Derrell! One of the truly nicest, most genuine people around. Thanks for the interview!!

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