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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THE BAY The Series: No Shrinking Violet - Darkside of THE BAY’s Orchid adds color to chapter 11

Fans of Darkside of THE BAY remember Terri Ivens’ appearance as the shady lady of the evening known only as Orchid. Now, as chapter 11 of THE BAY takes on a darker, edgier twist, viewers can look forward to seeing much more of the former All My Children star.
“I love bringing her to the screen," Ivens stated as she expressed her excitement in returning to THE BAY as Orchid. "She's self involved, self-driven, street smart, and walks her talk. She’s a loaded pistol and that’s explosive fun to portray.”

Ivens, who describes her character a complex woman who will do what she must to survive and thrive, is delighted to have the opportunity to again work with THE BAY’s Creator and Executive Producer Gregori J. Martin. “I’ve grown up on camera and I’ve been fortunate to have had impeccable working environments. THE BAY is no exception. I believe in Gregori and his creation of Orchid.“
Touting the show’s elevated production values, Ivens credits the addition of some long-time friends to THE BAY’s mix. “Joining forces with producers Nadine Aronson and Anthony Pascarelli is an actor’s dream. They are the best in the business and my long-time friends from ABC’s All My Children.”

   Ivens, who has just finished filming the new scripted dramedy TV pilot “Tainted Dreams,” as well as launching her own on-camera national radio show, “Going to Bed with Terri Ivens,” expressed gratitude for the fans who have continued to support her career. “As we reflect on our gratitude, I am humbled by those of you who support my career, my hopes and make my life a joy. Through our playful banter on Facebook and Twitter, we have become friends and I am honored by that privilege.” She also encouraged viewers to give back and help end the cycle of poverty “one family at a time” by donating to foodforthepoor.org. “When we give, we receive…it’s a natural law,” continued Ivens.
To find out more about Orchid and what she’s doing to survive, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

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