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Monday, December 2, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Bay City’s Sweetheart Taylor Stanley reveals what’s special about THE BAY

Zoey Johnson had the wedding of her dreams in the last season of THE BAY.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t there to enjoy the “festivities.” Now that Brian has left town and her would-be nuptials are clearly not meant to be, what will Chapter 11 bring for Bay City’s sweetheart and ace reporter? We caught up with Taylor Stanley hoping to find out.

“This new chapter is really a far cry from the Zoey we’ve known in the past. Her personal life is still in flux, as it should be after all she’s been through,” reveals Stanley. Excited to show fans a “strong side” of her character, Stanley said this time around she found Zoey lighter and more playful, “which is exactly how I love her.”

Stanley, whose mother passed away earlier this year, has recently taken some time away from acting. “There are no words to express how difficult it is to lose someone like that. I felt I needed to take some time to process everything,” shared Stanley. While the experience was painful, Stanley said that in a strange way, the timing of the break was perfect. “I went to PTA, took care of my babies and breathed.”

Now ready to return to acting and THE BAY, Stanley was especially excited to get back to the people who work on the show. “It may sound cliché, but honestly, the opportunity to work with such a lovely and talented group of people is my favorite part of being on the show,” she said. Referencing the dedication of all of those involved, Stanley added “You don’t find that very often in Hollywood. Acting can be a bit lonely…going from project to project. But, with THE BAY, it’s as if we’re an old theatre company or something – a family. So many different people all believing in the same thing…it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

As for the changes fans can expect to see in THE BAY’s new eleventh hour, Stanley has no doubt they’ll be impressed. “There seemed to be a determination among everyone to make this be the best show out there. We had more believers this time around on the production end. It was fantastic,” she shared.
To see a lighter, more playful Zoey, as well as see what life has in store for Bay City’s sweetheart, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.


  1. Nice interview! It's so nice to be hear something so relatable. Going to the PTA meetings and taking care of her babies. Looking forward to where the story takes her!

  2. First of all my condolences on the lost of her mother. Losing a loved one is quite a painful time. I am happy to see she is bouncing back and so look forward to what she, Zoey, has in store for us.

  3. I love Taylor Stanley. What a class act!