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Monday, December 2, 2013

THE BAY The Series: Upgraded to business class: Scott Bailey talks about how THE BAY is taking flight

He’s been a busy actor, but returning to THE BAY as the pesky Nathan Perkins is something Scott Bailey is calling a highlight of his year. “I’ve been pretty lucky to be busy acting, but it was a pleasure coming back to THE BAY and I can’t wait to see it,” Bailey shared.
What can we expect of Bay City’s reporter in chapter 11? “Nathan has just become more Nathan,” teases the actor, who adds that if you thought Nathan was a pest before, he’s even more so now. “He’s further established himself in his career as a reporter and his confidence has risen. As often happens with success, this has just made him more brazen,” Bailey reveals.
Still unabashedly pushing for a story, Nathan is also pushing a few people’s buttons along the way, which makes Bailey wonder, “Will he push his luck a little too far one of these days?” Fans will have to tune in on Dec. 5 to find out if one of those days in now, but in the meantime, we asked Bailey why he enjoys the character so much. “One word – fearless! He’s driven and not afraid to do what it takes to get what he wants. He just goes for it,” said Bailey.
Speaking of going for it, Bailey said that’s just what the show is doing in this new chapter. “This chapter was definitely a step up. The locations were bigger, the crews were larger and set-ups were longer. It’s like getting upgraded from coach to business class on a flight,” he laughed. But for Bailey, the best part of the show is still the same. “It’s the amazing people who come together to share their talents to put this thing together. I’m honored to be a part of it,” he continued.

Bailey, who recently won his first award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for the supporting role he played in “Bankroll,” has also been busy starring in the desert survival film “Inner Fear,” working on the TV show “Major Crimes,” and starting on a new movie project entitled “Welcome, Sinners.” Even with all of that work, Bailey can’t wait for THE BAY. “I love Nathan … he’s such a fun character to bring to fruition,” said Bailey. But in the end, “it’s the people involved” who keep him coming back. “Everyone involved is just great and so talented. It really is a blast!”
To find out whose buttons Nathan is going to push this time around, tune in to the bay on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of the bay can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY’s official website.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Scott Bailey. He's probably in the TOP 5 of my all-time favorite actors. :-)

  2. and of course his characters name is Nathan ... But I seem to be a little lost are we in Chapter 4 Part 1 in 2011 ... or Episode 4.1 Dec 2015 ... neither b/c then how can it be January 2016 ... And how could it be Ive never heard of this show (totally a me show) eapecially after it won a Emmy back in 2015 for a new show ... Guess we'll c after the Emmys r on tonight ...

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