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Sunday, December 1, 2013

THE BAY The Series: A softer side of Igor Chambers? Camden Toy gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect when THE BAY returns

Let’s see…he held Zoey and Brian’s engagement party guests hostage by threatening them with a hoaxed bomb, he’s accused of blowing up the Garrett Tavern, delivered explicit photos of Brian with the police captain’s daughter, and if that wasn’t enough, he ruined Brian and Zoey’s wedding by posing as the blushing bride. What more could Igor Chambers have up his skeevy little sleeve in the eleventh hour of THE BAY?

“Well, the fans will have to tune in to see,” teases Camden Toy, who plays the unforgettable Igor on the Emmy-nominated series. “Let’s just say that Igor’s rough edges have softened a bit since we last saw him, but certainly not his sense of entitlement.”

Toy, who’s delighted to return to THE BAY, is excited about more than just the enhanced production quality of the show. “Igor is probably the biggest scenery chewing villain I’ve played, and let me tell you, he is delicious to play,” Toy shares with a devilish grin.

No novice at playing a villain, Toy has also been keeping busy on other acting fronts. “I just finished shooting a romantic comedy/super hero movie called ‘Now Hiring,’ in which I play the super villain, Lord Menace.” Still, Toy is particularly fond of his role on THE BAY. “I love all the people involved – there is a wonderful sense of family with THE BAY cast and crew,” said Toy.

Toy, a fan of show creator, writer and director Gregori J. Martin, is also excited for viewers to see how the show has progressed with the new chapter. “I’ve always loved Gregori’s writing and directing, but this time we shot with multiples cameras and were able to capture so much more footage in a short period of time.” Noting that the character of Igor was not originally planned for long term, Toy is thrilled that, by popular demand from the viewers, Martin continues to develop Igor beyond his original plan. What turn the character takes remains to be seen.

To see if Igor has indeed softened or if he has more chaos planned for Bay City’s residents, tune in to THE BAY on Dec. 5. Previous episodes of THE BAY can be viewed on BLIPTV or by visiting THE BAY's official website.

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