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Monday, July 5, 2010

Casting News: Nadine Stenovitch & John Littlefield

Soap fans may remember them for their roles as the troubled super,couple Josie and Gary Sinclair on the now defunct ANOTHER WORLD, but the real-life married couple will now be joining the cast of THE BAY. We welcome Nadine Stenovitch and John Littlefield. While the couple shared the screen on AW, their characters on THE BAY will have no connection to one another. Stenovitch plays Kelly Allen, a character introduced in Chapter 6 of THE BAY that will later be re-introduced in the potential spin-off, MADISON, and Littlefield (Now of Extreme Makeover) will play Hecker, a villain who will wreak havoc on the Garrett family. Both characters will appear mid-season. We welcome them!

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