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Monday, April 4, 2011

VARIETY - Emmy Central Top Stories: Fewer soaps, fewer awards?

By Michael Maloney

Soap operas have always been the cornerstone of the Daytime Emmys, but with only six daytime dramas left, how long can that last?

At the very least, the Natl. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences could explore having fewer candidates in some of the soap categories. While five has been the standard number of noms in each acting category, some feel that number should be lower because the genre has dropped three serials in recent years.

However, some find the nominations problematic. Gregori Martin, creator/executive producer of "The Bay," won't be going up against Web series "Steamboat," which has been deemed a comedy and, therefore, ineligible.

"It has the same type of formula as 'The Bay,' " Martin says. "If you have soap actors on it, which 'Steamboat' does, then it shouldn't matter if you're a comedy or a drama. Good content is good content."

Read the entire article HERE.

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