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Monday, June 27, 2011

EXAMINER.COM: 'The Bay' Chapter 5.1 "Far from The Bay" filmed in New York City

NY Soap Opera Examiner

This prequel to 'The Bay' called "Far From The Bay" sends Peter, played by Kristos Andrews, on a quest to find his real mother, or is it who he thinks is his real mother played by Marie Wilson(Meg, ATWT). She was the woman who raised him for his first seven years. If you will remember when last we saw 'The Bay' Peter Garrett had amnesia. His search leads him to New York City and a stop in the Philadelpia to visit his "grandmother". This quest will lead him to both biological and adoptive family members and some very painful memories. Kristos Andrews is a gifted young actor and Gregori J Martin is one of the best producer, writer, directors out there and we are lucky he has such a love of soaps. In this Part 1 the incredible Miriam Colon appears.' Far FromThe Bay' is Produced by Gregori J Martin,Roger Newcomb of 'We Love soaps and Derrill Whitt. Of course it is written by Gregori J Martin.

Read the entire article HERE.

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