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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: ‘Darkside Of The Bay’ Debuts Today With A Storm Brewing, A Tsunami Of Drama Heading To Bay City...

Fans have been begging for news from Gregori Martin of Lany Films as well as Highlight Hollywood readers wondering, when can we expect the next installment of “The Bay.” Well, I don’t have a date on that, but I have a date, TODAY, to report that “Darkside Of The Bay” premieres. That’s right, the “Darkside” returns, and if you are a fan of Martin’s Emmy Award-nominated drama “The Bay,” and you haven’t seen “Darkside Of The Bay” yet, then you’d better get a sedative, because this series will knock your socks off. Rib Hillis makes his dramatic return to soaps, and that’s not all. Kristos Andrews, Martha Madison and others including Jade Harlow are about to start a tsunami with sex appeal, high drama on land, but high seas action brought together with the award-worthy writing of Gregori Martin, and I’m not exaggerating one bit. You’d better look out for an unstoppable storm.
Read Tommy Garrett's entire article HERE.


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