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Thursday, February 20, 2014

OUTTAKES INTERVIEWS: THE BAY - Gregori Martin, Kristos Andrews and Derrell Whitt

This show is all about the web series, THE BAY, coming up with its new season of Chapter 12.  Gregori Martin, the founder of LANY Entertainment and creator, writer, director and producer of THE BAY talks with OUTTAKES about the upcoming season of Chapter 12.  Along with Gregori is; Kristos Andrews who plays "Pete Garrett" on the show, is Vice President of LANY and co-executive producer/second unit Director of THE BAY; and Derrell Whitt who plays "Will Campbell" on the show and is Chief Operating Officer of LANY and co-producer of the BAY.

Listen to the OUTTAKES INTERVIEWS with the LANY Entertainment team HERE.

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