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Saturday, August 13, 2016

BUZZWORTHY RADIO: Emmy-Award Winning “The Bay the Series” to Stream on AMAZON PRIME Starting September 6th!

“Starting on September 6, 2016, The multiple Emmy® winning digital drama series THE BAY will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime,” announced the series creator, director, and writer Gregori J. Martin.  On September 6th, 14 digitally remastered episodes will be released on Amazon Prime, followed by 14 additional episodes slated to be released in Fall 2016 (date TBD).   In addition, for non-Amazon Prime members, the series will also be available for purchase for $9.99 per season or $1.99 per episode on Amazon Instant Video. THE BAY will be free to Amazon Prime members in the following territories; USA, UK-Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

Read the entire BUZZWORTHY RADIO article HERE.

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