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Monday, September 13, 2010

tristanrogers.com: Lilly Melgar - Making a Splash in The Bay

Lilly Melgar has jumped into "The Bay" with both feet. She plays the fiery Janice Ramos in "The Bay", an up and coming web series by Producer/Writer/Director Gregori J. Martin. This exciting cast is full of daytime notables such as Mary Beth Evans, Martha Madison, Kristos Andrews, Matthew Ashford, Matthew Borlenghi, Nicolas Coster, Ilene Kriston, and many others including Tristan Rogers, who also serves as a Producer. With fans anticipating the September 15th premiere, Lilly takes a moment to share her thoughts about "The Bay" and gives us a peek at what is to come.

Read the entire article HERE.


  1. Is this a series on TV? If so what channel is it on. I can't find anything that tells me.

  2. You will be able to watch THE BAY The Series on Blip.TV You do not have to register to view it, but registration is necessary if you would like to leave any comments. There are no subscription fees for Blip.TV or for THE BAY The Series. It is free to view. For now, THE BAY The Series will be seen on the Internet only.

    THE BAY The Series channel on Blip.TV can be found here: http://thebaytheseries.blip.tv/