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Thursday, September 16, 2010

WE LOVE SOAPS: Some Objective First Thoughts on THE BAY & Indie Soaps

An article requesting objective critique on the premiere episode of 'The Bay' has been posted by Roger Newcomb at WE LOVE SOAPS.

I have mostly seen positive feedback from fans who have contacted me and from what I've read around the web. That is a good sign for the show. The show was not perfect by any means but excelled in several areas, and some (aesthetics look like a film) better than I have seen from any other indie soap before. The cast is wonderful and diverse and interesting. I think they will only get better and gel as we see more episodes and they've worked together more. Mary Beth Evans is going to be terrific as the complex Sara Garrett. Other excellent first impressions were made my several cast members including Sandra Dee Robinson (Real Housewife of New Jersey-esque, Tristan Rogers (the police commissioner), Derrell Whitt (says a lot with expressions beyond the script) and Martha Madison (intriguing relationship teased between her Marly and her mother, Sara).
Read the entire article and post comments HERE.

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