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Sunday, December 14, 2014

TV SOURCE MAGAZINE: ‘The Bay’ Chapter 13 Part 3 and 4 – Gods and Monsters

The Bay Chapter 13, Parts 3 and 4 debuted last week adding more mystery, suspense, and romance to the already scandalous lives of Bay City’s residents. If you aren’t watching the Emmy nominated series, you should be!

You Can’t Do that on Television

The Bay may have just done something that network soaps used to do but would probably shy away from doing nowadays. They just killed off a core character for story reasons, setting off a major guessing game of who done it.

I doubt this is the result of any contract negotiation gone sour or focus group comments. It’s probably the exact opposite. I think this choice was actively made knowing that the audience would care about this character’s death, knowing that this murder would set off a chain of events that have a major impact on the canvas and that would not soon be forgotten.

Read the entire TV SOURCE MAGAZINE article HERE.

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