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Monday, December 22, 2014

TV SOURCE MAGAZINE: ‘The Bay’ Chapter 14 Part 1 and 2 – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

The Emmy nominated series The Bay Chapter 14, Part 1 and 2 brought the return of familiar faces and resurfaced some old feelings as the death of a major character made its impact. The residents of Bay City will never be the same.

Disappearing Acts

Marley and Manny weren’t exactly the perfect couple. Their romance didn’t start out innocently by any means and sacrifices were made in order for them to be together. When we last saw them however, everything seemed for the most part to be fine. In fact, they were about to get married. This was the reason for Avery and Daniel’s arrival. They were there for the wedding. Oddly enough though neither Sara or Peter seem to know about the planned nuptials.
Sometimes things look good until you look beyond the surface. Marley is dead, the wedding rings found with her in her car, and Manny is missing. While Manny’s sister Janice and father worry about his whereabouts, the new online gossip magazine Bay City Uncensored reports that Manny has left the country with an unknown blond woman. I don’t know that Bay City Uncensored is that trustworthy of a source considering that it belongs to Nathan but Manny’s disappearance is suspicious. 

Read the entire TV SOURCE MAGAZINE article HERE.

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