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Thursday, August 5, 2010

LANYFilms Announces No Subscription Fee for THE BAY

LANYFilms Productions announces no subscription fee for THE BAY:

A big questions that fans continuously ask, will viewers have to "pay"to watch episodes of "THE BAY" online? Will there be a "Subscription Fee"? The answer to that question is NO! THE BAY will be available for the public beginning Sept 15th on BLIP TV and our OFFICIAL WEBSITE, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE. Anyone who has access to the internet can freely watch new episodes and episodes they've missed for a limited, but ENOUGH time on our website or on Blip TV. If an episodes is no longer available online, there will be a link to a special edition DVD that you may purchase on our website if you wish. But rest assured, you will (once again) have plenty of time to watch the series free on our official website and/or on Blip TV. Thank you for your continuous and growing support! -Gregori J. Martin (Creator) THE BAY

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