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Friday, April 27, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: The Latest Webisode Of ‘The Bay’ Brings Drama, Intrigue, And Camden Toy, The Unholy Trilogy Of Drama, Highlight Hollywood News

The latest webisode of “The Bay” series is burning up the Net! With Gregori Martin’s exciting Internet drama, you can be assured that the drama is big, the scenes so well written and the acting is simply superb. Camden Toy did an incredible job, down to walking down the aisle at the Garrett estate, where the wedding didn’t go off as the town had expected. And is there anyone as sizzling hot as Lily Melgar’s scene in the local pub? Then Matthew Ashford came on the scene, so to speak, and he with just a smile stole the webisode!
Read Tommy Garrett's entire article HERE.

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