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Thursday, May 3, 2012

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL: Martha Madison is FIYA as Marly's Marriage Implodes on The Bay; Plus Fiona Hutchison Debuts as "Mystery Woman"!

After finally wrapping the longest wedding in soap history, Gregori J. Martin's The Bay is back to firing on all cylinders with its latest webisode. Proving that what we always say about daytime soaps also applies on the web, when The Bay focuses on character moments between core cast, magic can happen!
Said magic is created in this installment when socialite Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) daughter Marly Nelson-Foster (Days of Our Lives and General Hospital alum Martha Madison) realizes her secret trysts with Manny (Ignacio Serricchio) haven't been so secret after all. Kudos to Madison for giving a brief, stellar performance, as a Southern California cat caught on hot tin roof, with nowhere to jump!
Read the entire article HERE.

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