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Thursday, May 31, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: Matthew Ashford And John Reilly Bring Darkness And Flash Lightning Talent To ‘The Bay’, The Best Webisode Ever!

Mary Beth Evans is just flawless as the long suffering mom, Sara Garrett. And today’s latest webisode of “The Bay” featured the worried and concerned matriarch of the Garrett family caught in a storm and her home’s power off, with devoted and mysterious butler Mortimer creeping around the estate. Is Mortimer a friend or foe? Who knows other than genius and Emmy Award-nominated show-runner Gregori Martin. And he’s not telling, not even to us, at Highlight Hollywood. Peter found himself facing a woman who means business and Brian is harboring a dark secret, that only dad, Steve, played by the brilliant Emmy Award nominated star Matthew Ashford knows about.
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