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Friday, May 11, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: The Emmy Award-Nominated Series ‘The Bay’s’ Latest Webisode Is Dramatic And Mesmerizing, Highlight Hollywood News

Highlight Hollywood loves the latest webisode of “The Bay,” which debuted just hours after the series received it’s first Emmy Award nomination. Yes, that’s right, “The Bay” is now an Emmy nominated series, and for viewers of Gregori Martin’s amazing program, we knew this all along! We always believed in his talents, and not only that, Gregori is on top of being so abundantly talented, also one of the nicest men on the planet. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced on Wednesday, that “The Bay” has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy in Category 71: Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime Program.
Read Tommy Garrett's entire article HERE.

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