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Thursday, June 14, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: The Emmy Award-Nominated Series ‘The Bay’ Rolls Out A Strong, Compelling Must-See Episode, And More Secrets Are Revealed...

Just hours before the Emmy-nominated series “The Bay” rolled out its latest webisode, we were warned, that trouble comes knocking when the next installment of Emmy-nominated THE BAY The Series. And that tagline was dead on. Trouble came in the obvious form of Camden Toy, as Igor Chambers, who delivered the Bay City police detective Mackenzie Johnson, played amazingly by Lane Davies, some very unwanted news. Bay City crack reporter Nathan Perkins, played astonishingly by handsome Scott Bailey also gave an award worthy performance, as these three handsome and talented leading men always do. But a distraught Charles Shaughnessy, as Capt. Elliott Sanders and a distraught turned euphoric leading lady Mary Beth Evans, as Sara Garrett really stole the show.
Read Tommy Garrett's entire article HERE.

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