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Friday, June 8, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: The Latest Webisode Of ‘The Bay’ Goes Back In Time, While Progressing Forward In An Awesome Manner, Plus Standout Performers...

On Thursday, the latest webisode of Gregori Martin’s Emmy Award-nominated series “The Bay,” we were treated to a scene from the past, which gave viewers an insight into Mary Beth Evans’s character Sara Garrett, and what her violent past was with Steve. The scene was so well acted and filmed, and the writing was absolutely incredible. Gregori Martin’s baby has come a long way, and now “The Bay” is making news around the world, as well as in the industry itself. What was so fascinating about the latest webisode, was the back-story we were given for the show’s matriarch, and also one of the series most fascinating characters. Mary Beth has played the role so well, but we always wondered what Sara’s past was really like. Luckily we may get more insight into what makes her who she is; a strong mom, an advocate for her family, but betrayed and even damaged of sorts.
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