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Thursday, June 21, 2012

HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD: Emmy Award-Nominated Series ‘The Bay’s’ Shocking Season Finale, Sara’s Kidnapped And Igor Reveals A Stunning Secret

Watching Gregori Martin’s Emmy Award nominated series, “The Bay” today was like the grand old days of “Dallas” and “Dynasty” season finales. Remember when Dr. Nick Tosccani left Blake on the cliff in the Rocky Mountains, while we heard on his walkie-talky screaming, “Blake can you hear me?” Or when a drunken Sue Ellen accidentally set Southfork on fire and she and Lucy were left there on the staircase? That’s what today’s shocking and dramatic “The Bay” season finale felt like to viewers. Gregori Martin is by far the most talented show creator in the business, and there’s no surprise he went up against the iconic big boys such as Disney when he was nominated this year for a Daytime Emmy Award. More on that after the review of today’s amazing episode.
Read Tommy Garrett's entire article HERE.

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